With just over a month to go before the bridge is reopened to the public by May 31st, crews are working hard to meet the projects anticipated substantial completion date! In this week’s #KingGeorgeVILiftBridge featured photo, it showcases the west motor gear boxes complete with its brake drums installed, required to stop the bridge span in any position as instructed by the bridge operator. This week’s completed tasks includes the following:

  • Low speed machinery components in both trunnion pits have been washed and paint touch-ups completed;
  • Installation of conduit on the east girders has begun;
  • East panel Factory Acceptance Test is complete;
  • Sidewalk steel panels are welded into place, and awaiting anti-slip wearing surface application;
  • Pouring of the east counterweight concrete was completed today; and,
  • Gas lines to the emergency standby generators have also been installed.


Next week’s anticipated works will include:

  • Installation of the high speed motors;
  • Installation of the east control system operator console;
  • Continued installation of high speed mechanical components;
  • Crack injection on the wingwalls and abutments; and,
  • Continue installation of electrical conduit along the girders to power both navigation and decretive pedestal street lights.


Throwback Thursday

This week’s #ThrowbackThursday, courtesy of Elgin County Archives and provided by the Robert Moore Postcard Collection, showcases the King George VI Lift Bridge, ca. 1955, with fishing boats docked at Port Stanley Harbour in the background. The view provided is looking south through the harbour toward Lake Erie from the east side of the harbour channel. The photograph also shows the two sections of the lift bridge operating independently.

Populating Elgin County’s Business Directory

Elgin is home to many resilient businesses and services that need our support! Did you know that the Elgin County Economic Development website has a wide-ranging listing of all businesses in Elgin? Our business business directory is a comprehensive channel that allows prospective customers, business owners, and professionals to identify and contact businesses relevant to them. https://progressivebynature.com/BusinessDirectory.

We are currently reviewing and updating this list, and we need your help! For updates to your listing, or if you see any errors or omissions please email the information to info@elgin.ca