With bridge painting substantially complete, rehabilitation work on the #KingGeorgeVILiftBridge remains on schedule to be completed by May 31st, with crews now focusing their efforts on rehabilitating, rebuilding and/or replacing the many original internal mechanical, electrical, and control systems. Offsite factory acceptance testing of select replacement machinery is underway, while crews are also continuing their repairs on the west counterweight support rack, and aim to finish up concrete work on the west machinery access hatch.

As we continue #BridgingForTheFuture, the Project Team wishes to advise the public, commercial fishing operators, and local marinas that the bridge’s west span will be lowered “closed” starting on Tuesday, February 2nd necessary to begin the same onerous rehabilitation, rebuilding and/or replacement tasks to its mechanical, electrical and control systems. Unfortunately in the absence of these systems, the bridge will remain closed to pedestrian and vehicular traffic, and will not be able to be raised “opened” for large watercrafts until sometime this spring.

Finally, while you may be working remotely from home, supporting our small businesses has never been more important! We know safety is top of mind as well, and everyone is working hard to follow guidelines and safety measures.

Stay safe #PortStanley, & Stay #ElginStrong…!