With final restoration and installation of temporary signage associated with the Warren Street intersection improvements now complete, all road users are advised that both intersections are now currently controlled by all way stops, and will be enforced!

Installation of temporary signals at both intersections is scheduled to begin next week and is anticipated to be fully operational in the next 3 weeks. Final signage installation and operation of the 3 solar powered pedestrian crossovers on Colborne, Warren, and Carlow, is also expected to be completed next week.

While #BridingForTheFuture bridge rehabilitation progresses on schedule and while the east span is open to accommodate marine traffic, Landform Civil Infrastructure continues to progress with their bridge rehabilitation works. Concrete removals have been completed and formwork installation is well underway in advance of pouring concrete anticipated sometime in the next two weeks.

Now that the required working platform is installed beneath the west span, Landform Civil Infrastructure has also begun structural steel replacement and reinforcement. Existing paint removal and repainting of all bridge steel components is tentatively scheduled to begin mid-June.

The sound of impact guns installing new bolts following removal of structural steel connection rivets can now be heard. The Project Team appreciates everyone’s patience during this activity, and thanks you for your continued cooperation as we rehabilitate the #KingGeorgeVILiftBridge for generations to come! #ElginStrong